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Default Re: symptom reporting of mental illness

Can you elaborate a bit more on what you are looking for? It might be helpful to us in supporting your efforts.

Physicians typically refer clients to me or consult with me in the following situations:
1. Any suspicion or confirmation of self harm or aggression toward others
2. When a patient is so needy / demanding of their time that they cannot efficiently deal with that patient
3. They suspect that the patient is not being honest / truthful with them.
4. They know or suspect that the family / support system is complicating / thwarting treatment
5. Noncompliance with medical treatment which could be anything from inability / lack of motivation / unwillingness to lose weight, increase activity, take meds as prescribed, etc.
6. Repeated visits to the doctor for bladder infections (often coincides with unresolved sexual abuse or abortion issues)
7. Depressed mood
8. Heightened anxiety
9. Signs of chemical use to cope with stress / feelings / situations

These are just a few. Hope they help!

Tamara G. Suttle, M.Ed., LPC
Counseling and Psychology

Castle Rock, CO
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