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Unread August 24th, 2010, 08:49 AM
eLayla eLayla is offline
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Default CBT and creative therapies?

Just curious about how they go together - is CBT one of the approaches taught to students of creative therapies or does this depend on the program/university?
Is this 'organized' in a structured way or just haphazard? (The creative therapy workshops I've been to seemed rather eclectic. I haven't taken a full course yet though.)

Since CBT is so effective for certain problems it seems logical that it would be useful and possibly used with different 'media' too..

Is anyone working in this area specifically? And how do you go about it?
As the sub-forum on creative therapies seems mostly silent, I am posting the question here. (Not sure if it's okay to post it in two sub-forums?)
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Unread August 31st, 2010, 09:48 AM
James Pretzer James Pretzer is offline
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Default Re: CBT and creative therapies?

It certainly is fine to post here as well as in other forums.

My bet is that there is a great deal of variation in the extent to which creative therapy programs incorporate CBT, ranging from "not at all" to "quite a bit".

In general, mainstream CBT hasn't focused much on using creative mediums to deliver CBT. I can't think of any reasons that one couldn't use art or music or movement as a way of delivering CBT. The question would be those methods are as effective and efficient as the usual approaches to delivering CBT (i.e. sitting and talking).

The best example of using creative activities to deliver CBT that I can think of is Susan Knell's book on using CBT with young children Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy.

Can anyone think of other examples?
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art therapy, cbt, creative therapy, education

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