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Unread December 8th, 2008, 10:19 PM
omdeslimbes omdeslimbes is offline
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Default Double inductions (also: doubles & instants, doubles as DRT convincers, visualization

Aside from Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton Erickson, what are the best resources for learning about double inductions / paraliminals? Are there any forums you know of that might be better for discussing them? I'd like something more recent than 1975. (One interesting recent finding in neuroscience: puns are processed by the right brain.)

I've become very fond of instant inductions, especially the hand-drop. Is there any difficulty transitioning from the hand-drop to a double induction?

What about using the introduction of the second voice as a trick convincer/deepener after a set of other convincers? I'm thinking I might do the hand-drop, some ordinary deepening, eye lock, convincers for further deepening, then either a. say that my voice is about to split or double, and use a recording of my own voice (though I recognize the problems with using a recording), or b. telling them they may begin to hear other voices, then introducing the second voice from a source they were not aware of (hidden speaker, or assistant sneaking in while they're unable to notice, and sneaking back out before they're emerged). Know of anyone who's experimented with this?

Also, I thought I might ask about something I've subjectively noticed, both when I've had double inductions performed on me live and when I've listened to recordings. I'm usually very good at visualizing, visual images easily come to me unbidden (and used to bother me a bit at times), but often when I'm asked to visualize during or after double inductions, I'm not consciously aware of any visual imagery. I should stress that this has happened even when the visualization was delivered after the double induction part had stopped, and even once after the double induction had been followed by a series of tactile / ideomotor convincers which suggested I was fairly deep in trance (though I was actually freaked out by the involuntary lifting of my finger in response to questions "directly to my subconscious mind", which initially answered "Are you ready to change?" with the "no" finger).
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