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Old December 14th, 2009, 02:38 PM
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Arrow Genomics: "Politically Correct" to Political Courage

“…to value the life of the mind, to take the word of no man as final…” Such was part of Russell Porter’s charge to my graduating class in September 1960. About four years later we would be booted from the university’s nest and Porter’s thought was often my guide. Outcome after 50 years: Porter was correct but with any one sentence, I know that I might annoy every one of you but each of you for a different reason! My choice here was to “be nice” or “let ‘er rip!” I did the second…

And from Arnold Toynbee, Civilization on Trial, 23: "Briefly stated, the regular pattern of social disintegration is a schism of the disintegrating society into a recalcitrant proletariat and a less and less effectively dominant minority. The process of disintegration does not proceed evenly; it jolts along in alternating spasm of rout, rally, and rout. In the last rally but one, the dominant minority succeeds in temporarily arresting the society's lethal self-laceration by imposing on the peace of a universal state. Within the framework of the dominant minority's universal state the proletariat creates a universal church, and after the next rout, in which the disintegrating civilization finally dissolves, the universal church may live on to become the chrysalis from which a new civilization eventually emerges."
Yes, Virginia, It could be our turn…

Whatever I say will have little effect except to give you permission to be yourself. And the reason may be more genetic than we have suspected for six or seven decades. Genes, after all, guide you to make your own environments. Further, modern America may yet be the best of all possible worlds but still in its final stages of collapse…thus, my flag often flies upside down.

The Fort Hood shooting of our unarmed GIs by a Muslim fanatic…local disputes about what is allowed on a political sign…new rules of engagement in AfPak…all suggest a new constraint in our once-simple judgments. The wide range of such timidity is more worrisome than any single action: The Urban Dictionary intended to be funny but is correct for surprising reasons!

“Politically Correct: A way that we speak in America so we don't offend whining pussies.”

1) Signs of PC

A very large cluster exists for PC phenomena:

-You no longer say “nigger,” “queer,” “hunky,” or “chink.” “Have you read Joe Conrad’s N-word of the Narcissus” would not surprise me!
-“You’re not my constituent,” Terms of office are extended, gerrymandering exists, wealthy lobbyists, intricate rules…all are more complicated than a game of “Mother May I” and lead to extended partnerships that have little to do with the voter. Whom you know is more important than what you do. At the same time, your representative has committee assignments that affect all voters, not just her formal constituents, you and your neighbors.
-More men are in jail than women. And the difference is more striking than at any time before. Should there be Affirmative Action for the arrest of females? (A similar thing has been suggested by ADHD clinicians: given that little girls are diagnosed only 20% as often as little boys, equality demands that standards be lowered when diagnosing a girl!)
-Males are nature’s experiments: Females choose the ones worth keeping. The mildly antisocial males are the most popular and attractive. Lawyers and guards, teachers, preachers, pediatricians, psychologists, and grandmothers…all schemes to make guys behave by girl’s rules.
-The evaluation/treatment of little boys, teenaged males, husbands, and military recruits: Everywhere the same standards – is he reliable? Does he have loyal friends? Women also tend to marry plain Homer but flirt with tough Harry. (Women who have affairs (23%) often have them at time of ovulation and advertise their fertility by short skirts, bright jewelry, gut-stomper perfumes, and impressive alcohol intake.) Lady baboons are continual monitors for social power (Cheney and Seyfarth, 2008). Deference to a youngster depends not on dad’s but on mom’s power. Such is also true in groups of rhesus and in your local elementary school.)
-“Gay marriage”: Males have more physical and psychological pathology than females. The failure of reproductive systems is only one outcome but one without a clear cure. “Let them be dyslexic” or “gay” instead of understanding the GxE interactions that grow tiny initial differences into major ones. Our practice, if not always our belief: “Yes, follow your pathology because you’re really just like the rest of us.”
-Signs on marches…”we will be judged,” “Attack policies, not the individual.” In contrast, the human mind focuses best on love and individuals rather than on abstract rules. Get rid of the problematic individual and a cloud of policies go to the grave with him.
-Christianity changed during the writing of the Gospels: Jesus was more limited, warlike, and punitive in the first gospel (Mark) and a miracle-spreading, warm fuzzy by the last one (St. John). See Wright, 2009. (It can be said that He became more politically correct and that St. Paul functioned much like the CEO of Holiday Inns or Mickey D’s.)
-Cross-connections in the brain: like social connections, they are more intricate in females than in males (See Cahill 2006; Cheney and Seyfarth, 2007). Males tend to more connections that run front-to-back. Further, scans of ADHD minds separate boys from girls…the women show a generalized cortical slowdown, the hyperactive males have specific areas that metabolize more slowly.
-We need different kinds of Generals…that is the i-dotters and t-crossers who don’t make radical decisions win promotion during peacetime. We then have to search past them for the Grants, Shermans, and Pattons. And we neglect the obvious possibility that women hide terrorists and rear children in ways – aggravated by nutrition and by religion – that produce an unending supply of them.
-Government agencies invent lots of new rules for truckers (the safest drivers, per mile, on our highways) and farmers who cannot apply for or compete with the special grants that, no coincidence, are easier for women to obtain.
-Committees now breed faster than rabbits, Mormons, or Moslems (Steyn, 2006): “It’s OK with me but first check with everyone else.” (Eaagh!)
-The Naval Academy has dual admission criteria…ditto for Penn, Harvard, and Dartmouth. (Thomas Sowell, 1993/2003, concluded that blacks are denigrated in top ivy schools: they can’t do the work and everyone knows it. Cynicism thrives.)
-Guys still use dorm computers to look up guns, drugs, and women but no one mentions it.
-Ladies in middle level careers do better than males when fitting opportunities into tradition. Innovative jobs, however, go to the top males. Ditto for admission to the hardest math and science classes.
It would be easy to watch a tape, “The History of the American Left” (Lind, 2007), and have a set of answers. Many of you would also miss asking why it is that we were susceptible to that history. After all, we not only experience history, we choose it! Here are some ideas on why “political correctness” is nearly inevitable in our choices and often lethal for mature cultures:
-Swarms are superior to individuals (Ed Wilson, 2005), our premier biologist, was convinced that individualism was the great merit. He changed his mind in 2005. Swarms are often composed of several distinct types, each specialized for reproduction, defense, growing food, or tending the young.)
-Five-year-old girls lie more than five-year-old boys…and deny it even when caught on tape. (One woman commented, “Of course women lie, we’ve had to fake orgasms for 200,000 years!) The real reason may rest on women’s smaller size, dependency during pregnancy, and need to handle big, boisterous, sometimes nasty males.
-Messages always benefit the sender more than the receiver. They often advertise the health and talents of the sender and establish dominance. (See Zahavi and Zahavi 1997.) Bright, musical male birds fertilize more eggs than drab, quiet, confused male birds. (We can now establish dominance by means of “politically correct tweets! And do it on Twitter!)
-Genetic similarity is the foundation of partnerships between friends and mates. (See Rushton, 2005, and Strogatz, 2003.) You are very like your friends and spouse. Neck thickness for example, has a greater heritability than wrist size: husbands and wives are more similar for neck size than for wrists!
-Genomic Imprints: The real kicker! The same gene can have opposite effects depending on whether it came from dad or mom (Haig, 2002; Burt & Trivers, 2005; Badcock, 2009).
Mom’s genes work for her benefit and if she “wins” the contest in her belly, the placenta and fetus will be smaller and she retains control of her blood sugar and blood pressure. Dad’s imprints produce the opposite effects. (There is no cost to him if his kid uses her up!)
Dad’s imprints also favor greater muscle mass, more brown fats, harder dental enamel, and investment in brain reflexes for hunting, fighting, mating. Mom’s imprints favor not only a smaller fetus and smaller placenta but also smaller litter size and a larger cerebral cortex. Result: Females are often biased to “gather and save,” males to “find and use.” Most males do fine with a quarter in their pocket, most wives get moody, fat, and call their lawyers….
Female mice can have male loadings for nesting, nursing, and retrieving pups. That is, her father and grandfather’s genetic contributions make her more apt to be a good or poor mom.
Stable prosperity (perhaps amplified by post-war bottlenecks in which the impulsive and aggressive die in greater numbers) combined with female preferences favor higher verbal males along with fewer children. They want him to read early but take turns in football and teach in a college.
- You can have females with male psychologies and males with female psychologies. Swartzenegger referred to “girley-men” and Limbaugh reached a similar position. They are probably correct! Further, you will meet many women who think like a man. Compare Sarah Palin with Lenny Bruce in regard to productivity, hobbies, and moods. She’s both more beautiful but also more masculine, optimistic, and productive; he whined, complained, begged, and entertained.

3) Outcomes
-Governments increase size and cost with female voting. True since 1920 and true not only in proportion to female eligibility but also female participation (Lott & Kenny 1999). Such lines up with traditional swaps between males and females – money for sex. Such also leads to long shelves of rules. It also leads to electronic monitoring of autos, truckers, and guns and to to electronic implants “for your medical needs.” Leads also to lots of guys in jail, child abuse rules, and a legal bias against the traditional male…a bias often imposed by high-verbal males in the courts.
-Steve Pinker (2002): Knowing “how” differs from knowing “why”…The war of the left cortex vs. the right cortex…ritual vs. discovery. That is, a newer view of the right side finds that it makes patterns of novel information, whether such is musical, visual, or linguistic. The left processes familiar events and our responses to them. (See Goldberg 2001, 2006.)
As culture matures, so does its population. Clerics, lawyers, teachers…all hold power and make rules that are seldom erased. Older cultures thus magnify the importance of rules & ritual. Pacific islanders made more statues as their society starved. We may do the same with our codes for political correctness.
-The “leftist slant,” 1931-Present: It may rest on cultural stability and resource limits (See also Csermely, 2006, and Brody, 2008) Poverty makes groups…true for humans (Marx) and for gases near absolute zero (Bose-Einstein Condensates.) Yes. People in groups do act like particles! (See Ball, 2002, 2004) Logic is not independent of content or culture; it’s fine to lie about the facts of sex roles, climate change, stimulus plans, and income redistribution.
-Emotional anxiety and depression: more frequent in females and feminized males…preoccupation with taking turns; with suffering and its alleviation; with making every player identical to every other; with lecturing about fairness and achieving it through application of rules; lectures – even from males – have the quality of whines; sexual swaps (women…”LUG” – lesbian until graduation… more often with high verbals?); it’s not nice to win or to gloat. Schadenfreude…pleasure in the mighty’s downfall. (True of Ozymandias. True for Copenhagen demonstrators against the United States.)
Thus, salaries are to be regulated along with health care, energy use, and union membership. Hoarding assets is more important than using them as you find them. Status in the eyes of other leftists is more important than impressing traditional males. Ditto for scholars. Abortion and infanticide are more frequent….an anticipation of courtship as females weed out the disruptive and unable males.
- Females are very likely the driver for cultural collapse. Toynbee: Societies fail to resist invasions, drought, disease, heat, crop failures, fires, or meteor strikes, or they collapse from internal decay. Gibbon: The fall of Rome was due to “feminization” of its males! Independent females may become a flare, a beacon for invaders!

4) Solutions for the PC Prisoner: All with my personal guarantee!

“wacko” :-) their pet name for me...she and her best friend have noooo idea what they have done. none... mouse
“Protect unpopular speech – especially political. It must be boisterous, loud, pointed, and tough.” Bill Bennett, 10/08/09, 7:57 A.M., WNTP

- You will sometimes be a “Winter Solder.” About 10% of Americans supported the Revolution, 3% fought. Those who fought also carried lice, hunger, thirst, dirt, bad smells, and unshaven faces. They lived on rum, trailed blood in the snow, and were unwelcome by the farmers around Valley Forge and in Philadelphia (Gingrich & Forstchen, 2009). Nonetheless, and as if one of them, write your blog, stand on a corner alone with your sign and wave your upside-down flag. After all, primary elections are often determined by the same 3% that won our freedoms.
- Respect and follow your own preferences…Matt Lewis, political columnist and Internet fisherman: Make your own swarm… Develop a niche, Develop a new angle, Get local, Blogs feed mainstream media, Screen shots (prnt scrn, or control P) and Vista option, Use iPhone, Check facts, Put your scoops on Twitter (Power Twitter), Respond always to comments, Email lists a powerful tool, Media lists vip, You are your own PR firm, Research…Lexus-Nexus. for donations, Use mockery. Twitter manners: follow someone else, he or she follow you. Mutual links. One blogger early discovered Sarah and became THE resource.
- Recruit action committees from gun clubs, fundamentalist churches, charter schools, home-schooler moms, trucker groups, and eHarmony where people are sorted according to similarities. Friends develop often for genetic similarity. Friends of your friends are more apt to be friends with you!
- PC means that it is easier to obtain forgiveness than permission.
- Tit-for-tat: a child’s game and a powerful social tool. Open every encounter with kindness as if you are a good Samaritan but after two betrayals, always apply time-out until behavior changes.
- Know your own bias for fear, anger, or impulsiveness and use friends to balance you, reassure you, or change your strategies, not your intentions.
- Find synchrony with friends and family and expect that if one of you changes, the other will too. That is, similar things that link often move in partnership. My house and I keep each other in sync with the seasons. Clock pendulums tick and tock at the same time. A mass of people can form a mob within a few seconds, Obama can win an election. (See Strogatz, 2003.)
- Don’t assume that everyone agrees with each other but not with you. A firm, coherent disagreement can have the effect of a grenade. One “inconvenient fact” always needs an advocate.
- Respect genomics – your own and those of everyone else. One-third of liberals really do feel they are correct and justify lying in order to maintain their positions. (See Lind material below.) Your targets are that middle third that does whatever is popular. Suround them and they change. And never forget that primaries are often decided by 3% of the electorate! Find that 3%! Make it yours!
- Strong reciprocity…a heightened vigilance when you punish not only those who betray you but also those who fail to punish them along with you. It can be effective. It can also be a sign that you are losing.
- Read and listen to…Mark Steyn, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Pat Buchanan, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and even Lenny Bruce. Also Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, and Levin. And Bill Bennett is a fine habit from 6-9 AM, M-Th. These folks will stand with you when you and Jesus stand together on a cold street corner. (I haven’t watched television for 30 years but understand that Fox is pretty good!)

Final Quotes: Choose Tennyson or Yeats:

Ulysses senses that retirement is a first step to a last rest. He leaves his wife and boring subjects to the care of his equally boring son and sails off.
“…We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1833

Yeats, whatever our courage and spirit, may have a better grasp on what we now face.

“TURNING and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

“Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?” William Butler Yeats, 1919


Bold face: good places to start.
Ajami, Fouad (2009):

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A Short History of the Leftist MovementThe following is taken from Lind, William (7/24/07) The Free Congress Foundation… 22 minutes …worth watching!

A Marxist ideology goes back to before WW1. In 1914, however, national loyalty was more important than class consciousness and the 1917 Russian Revolution failed to spread beyond the Russian fences. The next step was in western and central Europe was to target the children to destroy western culture. Hungarian educational experiments were led by Eric Leukach: “Cultural terrorism” was to disrupt family unity. The experiment lasted a few months.

Germany gave a home to advanced Marxists: “Institute for Social Research.”Established 7/22/1924, it became known more simply as the

Frankfurt School.
Karl Greenberg was the first director: goal was to establish uniformity of thought. Followed by Max Horkheimer as Director in 1930. Horkheimer developed a “new” Marxism but needed to find a substitute for the working class and its role envisioned by Marx.

The next phase was to crossed Marx and Freud. Psychoanalysis made up the idea of “repression” Horkheimer recruited Theodore Adorno and Erik Fromm, considered as Radical Marxists who believed in sexual liberation – masculine and feminine traits are socially determined.
1932 Herbert Marcuse joined faculty… and led a cultural revolt against western society.

Horkheimer, Fromm, Marcuse: Developed a “critical theory” that was against many things but never “for” much of anything. “Critical theory”: Aim to topple. Led to gay, black, and women’s studies.

David Horowitz … a 1960s Marxist….founded and edited leftist Ramparts….a base for modern nihilism….buddies with Tom Hayden. Horowitz now a conservative?

In 1933 the Institute for Social Research fled the Nazis…to Columbia University from where it attacked American society. “Critical Analysis Theory” eroded whatever beliefs it encountered. Logic is not independent of content; logic a function of effect on western culture…thus, it’s fine now to lie about sex roles, climate change, stimulus plans, and income redistribution.

Studies of prejudice led in 1950 to Theodore Adorno’s Authoritarian Personality. The American psyche was unbalanced. “Fascists” needed sensitivity training. Environmentalism became a balance of human needs and nature’s own stability.

Post WW2, the Institute returned to Germany. But Herbert Marcuse stayed University of California, SanDiego. Marcuse recruited blacks, homosexuals, and women as the pack animals that replaced Marx’s working class. They became a conduit for sexual liberation…”polymorphous diversity” justified a “lot of sex with a lot of people.” It also reinforced intolerance for any view but its own. Marcuse became a celebrity alongside Marx and Mao. “PC” became the “enforcement wing” in academia…

Jay, Martin (1972) - The Dialectical Imagination: History of the Frankfurt School, about $5 on Alibris

A View Taken from Wikipedia
“Political correctness (adjectivally, politically correct; both forms commonly abbreviated to PC) is a term denoting language, ideas, policies, and behavior seen as seeking to minimize social offense in gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, handicap, and age-related contexts. In current usage, the terms are almost exclusively pejorative, connoting “intolerant” and “intolerance” [1][2] whilst the usage politically incorrect, denotes an implicitly positive self-description. Examples include the conservative Politically Incorrect Guides published by the Regnery editorial house, [3] and the television talk show Politically Incorrect. Thus, “politically incorrect” denotes language, ideas, and behavior, unconstrained by orthodoxy and the fear of giving offense.”
Early usages: In the USA, In the UK, In Marxism–Leninism, In left-wing rhetoric.
Current usage
Widespread use of the term "politically correct" and its derivatives began when it was adopted as a pejorative term by the political right in the 1990s, in the context of the Culture Wars. Writing in the New York Times in 1990,[15] Richard Bernstein noted "The term "politically correct," with its suggestion of Stalinist orthodoxy, is spoken more with irony and disapproval than with reverence. But across the country the term p.c., as it is commonly abbreviated, is being heard more and more in debates over what should be taught at the universities."…
Examples of language commonly criticised as "politically correct" include: [19]
• "African-American" in place of "Black", "Negro" and other terms
• "Native American" in place of "Indian"
• “Gender-neutral” terms such as "firefighter" in place of "fireman"
• Terms relating to disability, such as "visually challenged" in place of "blind"
More generally, any policy or factual claim opposed by the political right, such as the claim that global warming is a serious problem requiring a policy response, may be criticized as "politically correct".[19]

As Cultural Marxism; As a linguistic concept; As an engineered political term; Political correctness and science; Right wing political correctness; Satirical use;
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