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Old February 14th, 2010, 12:46 PM
James Brody James Brody is offline
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Arrow Leland Baker, [I]TEA Party Revival: Conscience of a Conservative Reborn[/I]

Leland Baker, TEA Party Revival: Conscience of a Conservative Reborn
Outskirts Press, Denver, CO, about $8.60 at Barnes. Available at cost to TEA Parties using it for a fundraiser. (Dr. Baker has promised a webinar of his Nashville talk and PowerPoint downloads of his charts.) Seventy-four pages of noun-verb-object grammar in short paragraphs from an economist and 26-year, West Point-trained, former Air Borne Ranger.

Baker argues well that $17 trillion has been spent on projects – energy, education, health, transportation, agriculture, labor, emergency management - that are no business of Washington’s unless the Constitution is amended. He next summarizes our Bill of Rights and identifies the major violations committed by political elites of either party. He also lists our deficits for every year since 1964…1969 under Richard Nixon had the only surplus! “Welfare” occurs in both foreign and domestic forms and backward language abounds in health care, cap and trade, TARP, and government loans for homes, cars, and schooling. (The objective of this government is to get a financial “hook” in every one of us!) He finally gives a list of conservative and912 websites and copies of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and amendments to the Constitution.

Refreshing and succinct, a small, workable, introductory handbook.

The Downsides
1) On the other hand, there are many demonstrations of “cheating” when property is communal and I shudder at the opportunism for local corrupticrats if this nation “went Constitutional”! We would have 50 swamps for the every one that now sucks at our boots. Ed Rendell would never go away and freshly dead Johnny Murtha would pop out of his new home and back to life.
2) Living things – corporate or protoplasmic – emerge from bottom-up. Chuck Darwin knew this. So did Fred Hayek. Further, as Stuart Kauffman put it, emergent organizations that discover resources also discover self-interest. Thus, the Departments of Education, Transportation, Energy, Health, Agriculture, Labor, and Emergency Management have partnerships such that the original organization and its acquisitions feed from each other and their combination will – with every spite, cost, bribe, and wiretap – fight dismemberment. All those lobbies on K Street? Probably essential to the functioning of our Congress and the supply of earmarks to the folks back home.
3) Collectivism appears inevitable, particularly in hard times and lean environments. Rahmbo never wastes a crisis and winner-take-all organizations appear more probable when the money is tight and pushers breed. This pattern appears in statistical physics and, surprise, groups of humans can act like groups of atoms, swarms of bees, or mobs at a rock concert: each participant imitates whatever is done by the folks to his left or right. Termites use this principle to build multi-chambered palaces, some 18 feet tall, from the strategy of “do whatever the next guy does.” The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Obama become likely for the same reasons.
4) “Synchrony” appears every time that two players share similarities and mutual influence. Whether pendulums, swarms of fireflies, husbands and wives, owners and houses … no matter how many participants, eventually they all tick and tock together.
5) Government has grown in size and cost as a direct function of the numbers of women who vote. True since 1920 and true incrementally as women came to vote at different times in local elections.
6) Older people, like older cultures, have more rules and ways to enforce them. Some neurologists suggest that our right frontal cortex discovers novelty, turns it to order, and ships that order to the left side. Furthermore, young males have a larger right frontal area than females. Females and older males become rule-bound and ritualized by their left frontal cortex. Thus, the gap between generations, the rebellion of youth against clerics, parents, and teachers, and the desperate struggles of women, old men, and old politicians to do whatever worked a decade ago.

A Beacon
Individualism is heritable as is a preference for collectivism and their separate heritability is approximately equal to one-third. (But it’s not true that individualist parents will rear individualist children or that collectivist teachers will convert all their students to little Marxists.)

The remaining middle third tends to do whatever is done by parents, fiancee’s, or the people next door. Thus, politicians campaign to impress “independents” and campaign managers work hard to demonstrate popularity. After all, the winner of an election is usually the party that people expect to win, even if the “loser” had more supporters.

I am an individualist and work hard to insulate myself and my nest. I also respect and admire those – such as the founders of this country and members of Patriot organizations – who do likewise.

As for women’s participation…it seems to be the “elite” females who most dislike Sarah and it could be that a very different group of females join Patriot organizations and will be suspicious of “public” health, education, labor, agriculture, energy, transportation, and emergency management.
Or so I hope!

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Old October 18th, 2010, 10:13 PM
AveMaria AveMaria is offline
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Default Re: Leland Baker, [I]TEA Party Revival: Conscience of a Conservative Reborn[/I]

Pretty Interesting post. Couldn't be published any better. Taking this post reminds me of my old room fellow! He always retained talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing! buy wow gold

Thanks for the link.. its really great!

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Old October 19th, 2010, 09:28 AM
James Brody James Brody is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Philadelphia area
Posts: 1,143
Cool Re: Leland Baker, [I]TEA Party Revival: Conscience of a Conservative Reborn[/I]

Many thanks for your kind remarks.
Lots of conservative stuff at my other site,
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conservatism, constitution, emergent nets, federal debt, politics, socialism, tea party

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