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Old April 23rd, 2010, 01:47 PM
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Arrow Obama: Hitler’s Radio, Fireflies, and the Internet

When a Philadelphia lady asked, “What kind of government have you given us, Mr. Franklin?” “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

Aaron Klein is a regular correspondent with WABC radio’s highly respected John Bachelor and has written Schmoozing with Terrorists and The Late Great State of Israel. His latest—with Brenda Elliott—is The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists, and Other Anti-American Extremists. Washington, D.C.: World Net Daily, $26. Klein’s book fits well with a series by Malkin, Hannity, and Beck and may eventually be a guide for impeachment lawyers.

Chapter Topics:
BO was 11 years old when he linked with Bill Ayers, BO’s obscure college achievement, his Muslim faith, ties to Saul Alinsky and his disciples, presidential eligibility, socialist party activism, the Nation of Islam, founding and leading ACORN, his current “czars,” media control, collaborators who push the socialist agenda, radicals who draft legislation for BO, and the extremists who back “Health Care for America Now.”

1) Obama has not proven himself to be a United States citizen. His early years with his mother and father were spent in Muslim schools in Indonesia.
2) His academic record is missing grades, courses, instructors, and activities from Occidental College and Columbia University. (Practically no one remembers him at Columbia despite his spending two years there. Poor grades, inconsistent with his acceptance to Harvard, are speculated to be one reason for secrecy.)
3) His ties with Ayers go back to June 1988: U.S. Secretary of Education, Bill Bennett, rated Chicago schools as the worst in the nation and inadvertently set the stage for BO and Ayers to become partners. That collaboration led to a massive grant called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and to the founding of ACORN. The trail sprouted branches to major unions (SEIU, AFSCME, NEA, AFL-CIO, United Steelworkers, and UAW) and to a socialist scheme called “The Apollo Project.”
4) Angry radical Saul Alinski inspired Ayers, Rudd, Dohrn, and Fonda. It was a short path to Wright, Farrakhan, Edward Said, and a cast of thousands. The network’s strategy was to burrow within existing political organizations and redirect them to socialist ends. There is little functional difference between “community organizer” and “pusher.”
5) Columbia sociologists and activists Richard Cloward and Frances Piven refined Alinsky’s idea of “hang the enemy with their own rules.” For example, deliberately increasing welfare enrollment collapsed the economy of New York City. (Contemporary Health Care and Cap and Trade legislation have similar objectives.)
6) Health insurance, cap and trade, and card check—seeded by social security and mortgage bailouts—all intended to assure Democrat enrollment forever.
7) Bill Ayers very probably ghost-wrote Dreams of My Father. The case was made before the election: no one paid attention.
8) BO’s election victory was seeded by incompetence from Hillary and Mac. (See Game Change.)
9) His “czars” are socialists and communists and probably none of them mind taking money from wealthy people who also happen to be white. The descendents of the last century’s owners become the owned.

Less Obvious:
1) Obama’s skills are a product of not Environment but Nonshared (chosen, unique) Environment. Obama chose Ayers. He chose Wright. And Jarrett, and the hive of scoundrels who taught him and still help him. He also signaled interest by questions, eye-contact, persistence, and animation with the result that his teachers kept him around and introduced him to other people with similar inclinations.
2) Because of the subtle but persuasive effects of chosen environments—we do most what we also do best—early clues are valid for predicting the course he has run. His true exceptionalities are probably not academic but his ability to recruit allies and to shift his image. Even the bird and columns that he momentarily used in the campaign are predictable as is his insistence at speaking in Germany to a crowd of 200,000, already together for another purpose.
3) Klein questions the Mainstream Media’s failure to do their duty but gives little explanation. The Mainstream Media is composed of “high verbals,” perhaps many of them outcomes from genomic imprinting that heightens behavioral inhibition and mutual cross-checking as well as anxiety and depression. Journalists, thus, resemble each other—and White House staff—and by instinct like some species of fireflies, move into synchrony and flicker on and off as if one as they tell the same story. Birds of a feather do flock together. (See Strogatz, 2003.)
4) Solinas et al (2008) suggest that cocaine users have an easier time in withdrawal if they fill their day with outrageous projects. There may be some truth in our now viewing our presidency as a rehab program for a smoker and former user…one that will do outrageous things for his own well-being and regardless of cost.
5) Lectures and negotiation always betray the rational party. Pushers and community organizers spin words and stories but, like small children and adolescents, are led by consequences—immediate, certain, and personally relevant. Apply them.
6) The presidency is not an affirmative action job: “Impeach and remove” for bribery and for corruption may be the most effective language for gaining Obama’s attention. And, a delicious irony: The Democrats first swarmed around him, owe the rest of us for this betrayal to our republic, and should lead the impeachment.
7) Finally, each of us now owes our kids $300,000…

Bottom Lines:
Mob rule worried our founders and Klein should shake any faith that you have in democracy. Obama exploited its weakness when he capitalized on political lore and played to mobs. He may also have used some well-known network physics: establish similarity and interconnectivity and establish synchronous oscillation. “Shake on it and let’s dance!” True for cardiac pacemakers and for neural assemblies as well as for applauding audiences or mobs of rebellious voters. Hitler succeeded partly because of radio; he might have been unstoppable with the Internet.

Beck, Glenn (2009) Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government. NY: Simon & Schuster.
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Hannity, Sean (2010) Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda. NY: HarperCollins.
Heilemann, John & Mark Halperin (2010) Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime. New York: Harper Collins.
Mackay, Charles (1841/1980) Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. NY: Three Rivers Press.
Malkin, Michelle (2009) Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Tea of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies. Washington DC: Regnery.
Sowell, T. (2005) The real history of slavery. In Black Rednecks and White Liberals. San Francisco: Encounter.
Solinas M, Chauvet C, Thiriet N, Rawas R, & Jaber M (2008) "Reversal of cocaine addiction by environmental enrichment. Proceedings National Academy of Science. November 4, 2008 vol. 105 no. 44 17145-17150 Http://
Strogatz, S. (2003) Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order. NY: Hyperion

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