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Old June 21st, 2010, 05:03 PM
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Arrow Grand Jihad

Also at and on Amazon

A Review: Andy McCarthy on the “Grand Jihad”
“If you didn’t know better, you’d think Islamists had developed ‘a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house.’ Why, it’s almost as if they now had a government that was helping them do it.” McCarthy, 376.
McCarthy, Andrew C. (2010) The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America. NY: Encounter Books.

Mark Steyn recently warned all of us about telling the truth too soon. I’m going to ignore him just as McCarthy probably did. And Charles Krauthammer insists that Obama is “incompetent” or “dreamer” rather than “guilty.” Krauthammer this once is wrong, “guilty” applies. Further, there’s controversial material in the following paragraphs; when you get annoyed, remember that nearly all of it can be supported by one or more references.

A Trinity
McCarthy writes with wit and accuracy. This is his second major book and he’s comfortable sometimes being funny while he delivers a bucket of smelly bad news. And he has lots of surprises about the links between liberalism, Islam, and Obama. And that is his biggest, most consistent surprise: these three strongly overlap. Talk about one and you talk about the other two.

First, liberals – European, Canadian, or American and in the media, politics, and academics – tend to be female or high-verbal (estrogenized?)males. (Government programs and budgets grew once women started to vote, and Rush Limbaugh’s expression, “girly men,” has scientific merit!)

Second, McCarthy argues that Obama is a Muslim by temperament and habits. He fluently recites the Koran (oops, Quran!)and was trained early to bow – perhaps during his attendance at Muslim schools in Indonesia where he was a citizen. Consistent with his leftist parents and grandparents, he later matched himself with Jeremiah Wright and other leftists in Chicago such as Alinsky, Ayers, Dohrn and their extended political family. He took obscure courses in college and in graduate school and knocked off some time for visiting Pakistan and for campaigning – in defiance of American policy – for leftists in Kenya.

The oddity is that Islam, like liberalism, thrives on enforcing rules for everything that you do. Revisions to principles and procedures are neither possible nor desirable. Thus, the real threat from Islam is not from its terrorists but from its ten centuries aggregate of rule-makers and enforcers.

McCarthy, however, takes off your blinders about the “peaceful” Muslims.

There are almost none except for 250,000 of them who all live in Indonesia. Those outside of Indonesia tend to be quiet and hidden or territorial, hyperactive, resentful, spiteful, and jealous. It could be argued that Islam’s hierarchy has the same challenges as any mother of a hyperactive son who doesn’t follow directions, sit still, or work for delayed rewards but makes fun of girls and of guys who get along with girls. Islam supplies traditional instruction for these students…sit them with same-sexed peers, demand recitation, and apply punishments for mistakes. This torture is religion’s responsibility – not that of the family – and instills compliance. It also instills a system where instructors can use children to spy on parents!

The past 900 years – when Islam folded into a smaller part of the world – have been either a streak of bad luck or a test from Allah. What Islam once had – including the Mediterranean coasts, southern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, Islamists demand to rule again.

Jihad establishes sharia – a detailed, ancient code that has existed for 1000 years. It prescribes what you wear, eat, worship, donate, or fight, whether you are allowed to charge interest, or which hand to use for your hummus and which for your ass. Caning, stoning, and hand-chopping are prescribed and instructional. (All areas of debate and ambiguity have been settled. Revision is impossible.)

Sharia provides incentives: You get better clothes, schools, jobs, and women – up to four wives – if you join. Females are kept veiled in the company of relatives or other females. You can marry one when she is four years old and consummate the marriage when she is nine. You can also kidnap female unbelievers, cancel their existing marriages, and make them your slaves. (Slavery has always been a part of Islam. And who is drawn to Islam? American blacks, just as they are to the modern Democrat party.)

One purpose of life is to find a meaningful death, one that enriches Allah’s community. Suicide from despair is a sin; suicide from affirmation is a ticket to Allah’s side.

Thanks, Andy. I didn’t believe any of this could still be true.

As is widely seen elsewhere in human nature and in physics, similar things unite. Thus, Islam finds able partnerships with socialists, communists, progressives, or fascists; Mein Kampf is widely available in the Middle East and sometimes occupies best-seller lists; individualism is forbidden. (Islam differs, however, in its tolerance for alcohol, homosexuality, and what women are allowed to do. No one said that all of Islam’s ideas are bad!)

Do they mean it? Hell yes. And right now there are more than 2300 mosques in the United States, approximately 1800 funded by Wahhabist Saudis! These are places to worship, they are also military academies.

“Where’s My Bail Out?”
It’s taken us about 300 years to meet a Roman end.

Biologists find that living creatures build complex networks of dominance, submission, and mutual dependency when resources become scarce. Through taxation, entrepreneurs became field hands who wear ties, the former field hands collect checks, cigarettes, and mint julips to which they are now “entitled.” Such is the upside down, inverted world of “redistribution.” (I worked recently with a GOP poll watcher. The blue-jacketed fool had never thought of these possibilities!)

Cloward-Piven Theory (CP) – published in 1966 – suggested crashing governments by loading up entitlement programs with recipients. The resulting surge of welfare enrollment nearly collapsed New York City. Obama’s systematic fiascos follow the CP script and include foreign affairs (China, Korea, AfgPak, Israel, middle Europe, South America, Africa), stimulus bills, health care, budget waste, bailouts, union pensions, unemployment, Fannie/Freddie, and rescues from high credit card debt. In all of these things, people scramble to be bought as if children scrambling for hard candy at a Halloween parade. And once bought, you have obligations to your buyer.

Chemistry or Culture?
McCarthy talks of culture and preferences. I differ and tend to line up what we do with what we see done elsewhere in nature...a view that may get me disemboweled and hung from a pole by Islamists or ignored at the next Republican event!

Developmental biologist Stephen Suomi studies hyperactity and aggression in maternally-deprived rhesus monkeys. These little guys are tough to manage and – in jungles – die early from stealing food, picking stupid fights, or trying too large a leap between trees. They are also pushed out of their family at the end of their first year and later starve or become cat food.

They share an otherwise unique gene with humans, an odd form that helps, or fails to help, with serotonin metabolism. And, perhaps or perhaps not, by coincidence, rhesus and humans not only share the gene but are both “weed” species … both of us are found everywhere not matter how hot, cold, damp, dry, flat, or rocky the environment. If we are missing, come back in a year or two and find that we have invaded.

Suomi recently found that giving fish oils, omega-3s, to his nasty little guys reversed the effects of maternal deprivation. How much of our problem with Islam is a matter of maternal diet? Is such the difference between “polite” Islam in Indonesia and the noisier versions in Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iran, and Palestine? Or between a socialist entrepreneurial Israel and the countries around her? Is it the difference between the outcomes for Jewish and Muslim infants – the former often 15 IQ points higher and the latter 15 IQ points lower than the rest of us? And are Indonesian Muslims 15 points smarter than those from Pakistan, Afghanistan, or the Middle East?

The interaction between “genes for” serotonin regulation and a particular culture means that either partner could act to stabilize the other! For example, “screamer” parents can imprint their gestating infants such that those infants are not only more inclined to be violent but also to be attracted for life to violent people.

Bottom Lines
1) Darwin confused some basics when he and his friends referred to “survival of the fittest.” “Regression to the mean,” discovered by Belgian Adolphe Quetelet and applied widely by Frank Galton, described how extremes – whether very high or very low – are eliminated. Survival is usually not of the superman but of the average. And the very smart and the not so very smart are exploratory gambits just in case environment drifts in one direction or another. The talented, intelligent, and productive are natural targets. Israel, which shares history and traditions with Islam, becomes a “little Satan” because her citizens are so damned inventive.
2) Shlomo Breznitz tells of invasive systems studied in immunology. An invader – germ, Muslim, Protestant Irishman, or SmartCar – can overwhelm its target with a fast, overwhelming move. The more adaptive thing is to let the target live longer, slowly move in until you are accepted as a member, and then take over. It seems that even germs and viruses understand Muslim and liberal tactics.
3) Lawyers, academics, liberals and Muslim autocrats probably share genes for making and enforcing rules and, like other similar things, vibrate together as if one. Further, liberalism in Stockholm, London, Paris, Toronto, Hollywood, or Chicago is a beacon flashing out “Come here first” and the fatal hole that scuttles the West may be our tolerance for lawsuits.
4) A multiplier: Obama likes grand things and likely takes pride in the peaks and valleys of his chaos. So long as he is higher or lower than anyone else has ever been, he is probably happy. Such is a trait carried by narcissists; it also appears in stimulant abusers. (Solinas et al, 2008)
5) The most honest crook may be Rahm Emanuel who told everyone that no crisis should be wasted. That remark told us that Obama and liberals deliberately make messes rather than accidentally creating them. Unlike Islamists, liberals have no need for a housekeeping department.

“Impeach, remove, imprison” will solve at least half of our problems. And we need an image not of a spurting oil well but one showing sharia’s growth and mobs spurting from American mosques.

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Wright L (2006) The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11. NY: Knopf.
Ye’or, Bat (2005) Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis. Cranbury, NJ: Associated University Presses.

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