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Unread October 11th, 2010, 09:48 AM
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Arrow Dreams of His Mother: D'Souza on Obama

Dreams of His Mother: A Review of D’Souza, Dinesh (2010) The Roots of Obama’s Rage. Washington, D.C., Regnery.

Periodically there’s a rant about Obama and what he’s really up to but originality fades quickly. D’Souza is an exception, one praised by Newt Gingrich and damned by Robert Gibbs. D’Souza can be hard to read not because of his writing but because his perspective is so unique. He needed three tries to write this book and I needed three tries to read it but I all the while experienced “I’ll be damned, he’s right.”

Obama is first an “anti-colonialist” and second, a “socialist,” someone interested less in saving the poor but more in the accumulation of power. He is not “black” as an American black, descended from slaves. He took on that color and its traditions in order to acquire power. And ninety-one percent of American blacks still defend him as if he cared about them. He doesn’t. Remember, his view is internationalist and most of the world’s poor would be happy to share the flat-screens and hot dogs and beans enjoyed by American blacks. (Obama currently uses black support to chase his ambitions: Expect, therefore, blacks to be the especially angry once they discover his motives!)

He had a relatively privileged rearing in Hawaii, Indonesia, and again, Hawaii before coming to America when he was about seventeen years old. No surprise, his father and grandfather were anti-colonialist rebels in Kenya and his mother, “Stanley” Duncan (named after her father, she much later changed her first name to “Ann”) was also an anti-colonialist before she met Barack’s father. Once in America, Obama sought contacts with other foreign students and instruction from anti-colonialists such as Fanon, Said, Unger, and Ayers-Dohrn. And his curriculum and life at Columbia, about which he remains secretive, could have given him goals for taxes, regulation, reining in American business, and our access to fuel.

As an anti-colonialist, Obama’s goals for America involve the concentration of power in Washington, encouraging energy development in Asia and in the southern hemisphere (including Mexico and Brazil) while interfering with domestic production in the United States, disarming America’s military, imposing competitive handicaps on American business, and weakening our traditional alliances with Europe, South Korea, Japan, and Israel, and a non-committal war and withdrawal from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Colonialist” is usually applied to Europeans and Americans who take labor and resources from underdeveloped countries, typically in Africa and Asia and is often seen as a “boot-to the-throat” of developing nations. For example, the Dutch, Germans, French, and English disrupted traditional African cultures in ways that profited the Dutch, Germans, French, and English but not the Africans. Obama may be an American citizen but was reared in Hawaii and Indonesia. Hawaii, a state, however, was also a recent, not particularly happy addition to our union.

The Dreams of His Mother

Living creatures collect, build, and arrange their environments. Furthermore, the case of humans, heritability increases from our conception to our deaths for most traits that have been investigated because we find friends, mates, and properties that align with our biology. We each become more unique with each passing decade and live on self-chosen islands of similar people.

The influences of natural parents remain strong even if we are separated from them early and never see them again!

Obama’s natural father was a political activist, writer, socialist, and anti-colonialist in Kenya. Obama, in elementary school, saw the man only once when he gave a talk to one of Obama’s classes. Everyone, teachers and students and especially Obama, were inspired by that presentation. The second contact occurred when Obama was 26 and visited the man’s grave in Kenya. (Dad, labeled as “straaaaange” by one of Ann’s relatives, was a polygamist (eight children from three wives plus a fourth wife-to-be), a political failure, an alcoholic, an erratic driver who died when drunk and colliding with a tree trunk, and who called himself “Doctor” when he had no degrees.

Ann “Stanley” Duncan Obama Soetero was also strange. She accepted a man’s name while growing up, was a political activist in Hawaii and Indonesia, thrived best when she lived in primitive conditions, and furiously denied that whites were “her people.” She took Obama away from the influence of her second husband, Lolo Soetero, because he, with time, became ever more pro-American. Obama’s anti-American beliefs are perhaps more a gift from his mother than from his father!

Obama - “Dangerously Delusional”: Mark Steyn

Dinesh D’Souza is Obama’s age and shares his background. D’Souza was reared in India and surrounded by colonialism’s legacies. D’Souza eventually became President of King’s College in Manhattan, has written ten books, and is pro-American and pro-colonialism. Although his grandfather was a coolie laying railroad track in Kenya, D’Souza finds that most nations have benefited from their European intruders.

Similar backgrounds for these two men had different outcomes but psychiatry gives us a clue for this puzzle: “Paranoid Schizophrenia” may be applied to individuals with strongly-held, culturally atypical beliefs. This form of schizophrenia is not characterized by word salad, confusion, bizarre costumes, ambivalence, and blatant, bizarre emotional displays but by unusual persistence in very specific things. These people become angry, strident, and sometimes violent when contradicted. These folks get into creative religions, political movements, diets, and extraterrestrial visitors. (Mr. Gore comes to mind as well as our president, people you know in the next block, and people who call Coast to Coast.)

Thus, Obama’s aloofness, alienation, and love for power are consistent with his parents’ background as are some of his exploits – voting “present” in the Congress, the bird and columns he brought into his campaign, his speech in Berlin, his frequent vacations, self-referential thinking, bending facts to fit his story, spending habits, teleprompters, his missing label pin and missing hand over his heart during the pledge, and his impressive collection of secretive, scheming associates who were and are also anti-colonialists.

These traits can be aggravated by cocaine.

Bottom line from D’Souza: “Be very afraid.”

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D’Souza, Dinesh (2010) The Roots of Obama’s Rage. Washington, D.C., Regnery.
Plomin, R. (1994) Genetics and Experience: The Interplay between Nature and Nurture. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
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