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Old December 20th, 2010, 02:36 PM
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Cool Hooters Cheer from NOW

We start at a breast immediately after birth but no one between 2 and 18 can look at one except in a National Geographic.

There’s a more subtle aspect: “endowed,” athletic women may well be the outcome of prenatal genomic battles between DNA from dad and from mom.

If he “wins,” she loses more control of her blood sugar, grows a larger placenta, and a larger, more active, sometimes more impulsive child that is also more apt to do “male” things and have more children.

NOW’s position is an emergent from those first fights between male and female interests as is their dislike for the girls who cheerlead or advertise Corvettes and for such as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.

“The National Organization for Women has filed a complaint against Hooters for being an improper dining venue for minors.

“A California chapter of NOW argues that Hooters is unsuitable for kids and violates sexual entertainment law regulations, and therefore no one under 18 should be allowed inside select California venues.

“They also display and sell products of prurient nature, including T-shirts in child sizes with statements such as ‘Future Hooters Girl,’” the NOW complaint reads.

Though Hooters describes itself as “not a typical family restaurant,” they offer a children’s menu and booster seats, and kids make up ten percent of the parties served….

“This isn’t the first instance in which NOW has gone after Hooters.

NOW’s ‘Love Your Body’ campaign instructs women to ‘picket ‘men’s clubs,’ Hooters or any business that exploits women’s bodies.’”
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genomic imprinting, hooters, mate selection

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