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Old January 10th, 2011, 12:39 PM
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Arrow Tucson Murders: Bullets

- They were premeditated. However, ideas have persistence, struggle with each other for your time and money, and – in some case – take over your life as is true for the guy who has to have a new car, has to buy model airplanes at $500 each, or wants to kill a politician.
- They were premeditated since 2007 when the shooter attended a prior town meeting with the Congresswoman. Such predates Sarah Palin.
- There are diagnoses – bipolar disorder or paranoid schizophrenia – that apply but sabotage our instincts for killing this bastard now. Those same diagnoses, however, apply to different intensities of behavior and are widely scattered through our people. (Even Obama may qualify for some of them.) And they share a problem with suicide: We can explain every case after it happens but have a terrible time predicting them. The killer may escape execution because of his diagnoses, many similar people will have their medication doses increased, and the mental health industry will demand more money.
- The killer’s mother, politically active, also was his rescuer whenever he got in trouble.
- Marijuana may have been involved as much as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. I knew one young gentleman, coming down from pot, who pulled his mother’s 0.32 from her bag, threatened to kill her, and drove off in her Jeep, eventually rolling it over. I knew one young lady who didn’t shoot her mother but listened to God and climbed thirty feet up a tree. The fire crews got her down.
- (See “The Shrine in Jared Loughner’s Yard” NYDailyNewschilling_shrine_in_madmans_yard.html
- The killer is a TEA-typical: He’s an atheist and a fan of Marx and Lenin who also dislikes Jews. He would have fit well with the Progressive anarchists of the 1920s.
- The Congresswoman owned a Glock but did not carry it. One of her rescuers (Joseph Zimudie) had a pistol in his pocket, heard the shots, unlocked his gun’s safety, but reapplied it when he saw the killer was disarmed. Zumudie helped to restrain the killer. In the meantime, an unarmed woman (Patricia Maisch) had taken the killer’s ammo magazines and possibly saved his life while trying to do a good thing. Zimudie could have killed him in self-defense. (See also, “Daniel Hernandez”
- A federal judge is dead but we hear far less about him than about the Congresswoman or the nine-year-old.
- Our president showed and shows great concern. He showed far less after Fort Hood and even less after an Arizona rancher was shot by illegals. We had one Obama before November, a different one last week, a different one this week, and who knows about next week?
- Finally, we can expect a phase of “be nice to liberals” … the same liberals who chant in unison and, when we are helpless, smother us with insults, taxes, debt, and rules. (See “Cynical Campaign”

Saturday night, John Bachelor suggested to two of his guests that Sarah’s gunsight posters inspiried the Tucson shooter. Thaddeus McCotter defused Bachelor’s innuendos. I got annoyed with John, moved my receiver a hair, and joined most of America: Chicago beat Boston 90-79, and the Jets beat the Colts 17-16 with a field goal in the last minute of play…

Byron York: A comparison of Fort Hood and Tucson, WashingtonExaminer/2011/01
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