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Old March 14th, 2011, 09:45 AM
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Arrow Cashill Buries Obama, Again

Jack Cashill’s New Book: Deconstructing Obama

Cashill could be Horatio at the bridge! I read his many articles before the election and remain a dedicated fan. It’s good to have his latest effort in my pack….

Cashill wrote a dozen or more articles on the ghosting that Obama needed to produce Dreams from my Father, ghosting that turned a high school narrative into great literature, not by Obama but by someone who once tried to blow up the Pentagon. Nonetheless, Obama still swears that he wrote Dreams. (Several of his Harvard teachers also plagiarized. And the true author, Bill Ayers, copied freely from his own biography, Fugitive Days, and both books share a plot from the Odyssey!)

Cashill, despite lots of published essays and reams of statistics and decades of experience matching authors and manuscripts, got nowhere with his story…he had been JournoListed. Then Sean Hannity interviewed biographer Christopher Andersen, author of Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage. Cashill learned that Obama was broke, months behind deadline, and trapped by Michelle’s bitching.

Obama dropped his clumsy draft and a trunk of notes with his neighbor and teacher, Bill Ayers. It next became Chicago lore that Ayers ghosted Dreams from My Father and Obama collected $1.5 million in royalties. A grade C writer - one who had no writing ability consistent with attending either Columbia or Harvard – had become great. Thus, Obama maneuvered his way into the presidency with an introduction from Oprah, a gifted ghosted book called Dreams, a teleprompter, mobs of needy, sometimes impulsive people, and one inept, beat-up Republican.

Cashill was interviewed by Dennis Miller, 3/12/11 at 2:36 am. Miller didn’t want to hear Cashill’s story and shut off the interview. This has been a familiar experience for Cashill. The problem today is not the truth in Cashill’s narratives but what to do with the scoundrel who lives off of us and our children.

The book costs about $20 – after discounts – at Barnes & Noble. It supplements books by Michelle Malkin and David Limbaugh and it butts very nicely up against Dinesh D’Souza’s The Roots of Obama’s Rage. Bonus: Cashill’s short chapter that compares Sarah Palin with Obama…
Media Obstruction:
Cashill, Jack (June 4, 2010) Jack Cashill on William Ayers’ Writing, inside Barack Obama’s Books. There are links to 71 essays on this topic….
Cashill, Jack (January 15, 2009) “Newly found article confirms Obama ‘Dreams’ fraud.” World Net Daily,
Detailed analysis – Dr. Bruce Heiden:
Sowell, Thomas (1993/2003) Inside American Education: The Decline, the Deception, the Dogmas. NY: Simon & Schuster… a sensitive, persuasive survey of the problems that emerge when blacks are accepted into programs for which they do not have the ability.
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