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Old April 17th, 2011, 10:51 AM
James Brody James Brody is offline
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Arrow The Speech: We Are Not His Audience

Speakers move into synchrony and rally with people who agree with them. Crowds grow. So do volumes of shouts, applause, and groans.
You also need an opposition to organize yourself. For example, on a fall day in West Chester, a pro-abortion group spoke from the steps of the town hall, we pro-lifers lined up on the opposite side of the street and the two sides chanted with each other and at each other.

I was new to these things and wondered about the outcome. Exactly at 1 PM, everyone on either side of the street packed up and left, ending their partnership to fight with each other.

Obama’s speech may do that favor for conservatives if we channel our rage towards the liberals in either party.

BO was panned by all the people on my side: Republican legislators, the National Review, the Wall Street Journal, and all of conservative talk radio.

But that is irrelevant.

The point to remember is that his audience is the same that elected him, the young, the impulsive, and those who focus on now instead of tomorrow – these are his voters and his cheering section. Thus, he is back to putting his chin in the air because the teleprompters are mounted to make him do just that – his audience has seen it before and BO’s chin and chant will evoke the last presidential election.

The rabble around him is the same one that calls names, makes bribes, and cuts deals … very expensive deals that involve the SEIU, UAW, AFL-CIO, the teachers’ unions, and trial lawyers. They make campaign contributions as if buying theater or carnival tickets. They also leave litter behind after rallies and many of them did not do so well in college-prep courses.
Impulse has a few advantages, it also has many costs in a high-tech society and some find impulsiveness to be the chief problem of our time.

Unfortunately, at this stage of our history, the lively students with good sense and good skills have a lingering resentment that they “weren’t good enough” to go to college but they are now “good enough” to be democrats and get even.

I would not be surprised if urban audiences, illegal immigrants, and Islamists – most of them with impulse in their nature – also liked his speech, at least the sections that kept them awake and not fidgeting.

Bottom line … the contemplative, the individualist, and anyone who understands and enjoys Adam Smith and Fred Hayek as well as Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton must defend what we once had while we still remember and believe in it. Meanwhile, George Soros will have another cigar …

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