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Old January 30th, 2011, 06:02 PM
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Arrow Egypt: Cherchez la femme

A psychiatrist from Texas once remarked, “Impulsiveness is humanity’s biggest problem.” He was correct.

1) Impulsive males are restless, have a limited sense of the future, develop lower IQs, and live in a culture consistent with that nature, one that supports killing. Because of their XX structure, mothers may carry all manner of quirks but not show them. (One woman told me that she did the same rotten things as her son but never got caught!) Sons but not daughters have fetal mishaps, fights in kindergarten, and spend extra hours with pediatricians, psychologists, special education teachers, cops, lawyers, and guards. The allergies that we triggered in our mother continue when we get loose in society.

2) Arabs’s problem with the West resembles that between sons and mothers but Lee Smith (The Strong Horse) disagrees. Arabs have a far larger, older problem with each other. That is 70% of Arabs are Sunni and nurture a very traditional Islam that is accepting of Christians and Jews. Shia Islam and talk of imams and caliphates are heresies to be managed by executions. (Shia also views Jews and Christians as chattels.) Arab history is that of newer regimes coalescing and disassembling older ones that have weakened as they aged. Swapping votes for bullets is proof of decadence or weakness. Arnold Toynbee captured this cycle well. So did Yeat’s Second Coming: “ …the centre will not hold.” Irony: democracy appears as a far more likely option just before a society collapses in front of an invader.

3) Smith explains about women:
153: “Unfortunately, it isn’t just the male elders who have been pushing young men to violence. Perhaps the unhappiest fact of the Arabic-speaking Middle East is that Arabic women have done so as well…often Arab women hold men in contempt if they are not willing to kill and die for Arab honor. Arab women are complicit in the violence of Arab societies… 'The womb of the Arab woman is my strongest weapon,' Yasser Arafat is supposed to have said.”

4) Opportunity: I once joked with Phil Rushton about our kidnapping 100 pregnant Muslim women, stuffing them with omega 3s, and harvesting pacifists. He didn’t buy that idea although developmental primatologist Steven Suomi had shown exactly that effect on young rhesus monkeys. Fish oils reversed the effects of maternal nastiness. Impulsive folks in Africa and the Middle East, however, will conclude that they are perfectly fine and have no interest in becoming Katie Couric or Keith Olbermann - catalysts for the next collapse.

A review of Smith’s book:

Barkley, Russell (1997) ADHD and the Nature of Self Control. NY: Guilford.
Rushton, J Philippe (2005) Ethnic nationalism, evolutionary psychology, and Genetic Similarity Theory. Nations & Nationalism. 11(4), 489-507.
Smith, Lee (2011) The Strong Horse: Power, Politics, and the Clash of Arab Civilizations. NY: Doubleday.
Suomi, Stephen (2006) How gene x environment interactions can shape behavioral and biological development in rhesus monkeys, humans, and other primates. Presentation at XVII Biennial Congress, International Society for Human Ethology, Detroit, MI, August 2.

Also at

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